Remove tar and crude oil with less effort!

Tired of working hard to removing tar and crude oil from tools, tanks, and equipment at the end of the day? Use a specifically-designed solvent to reduce your effort today!

  • Chemically engineered specifically for tar and crude oil removal
  • All-natural, non-hazardous solvent
  • Does not contain chlorinated chemicals
  • Will not harm tools or concrete
  • Has been used for over 22 years across North America

Our tar and crude oil remover comes in a case of 12 convenient aerosol cans and 5-gallon or 55-gallon containers. Fill out our quick order form for our "Web Special Pricing"!


This specifically-designed solvent effectively removes tar and crude oil from your tools and tanks, reducing your team's maintenance. Save your effort for real work, not cleanup!

All Natural

Replace hazardous petroleum distillates - with an all-natural, non-hazardous product! This biodegradable solvent does not contain harmful chemicals and leaves a pleasing scent. Your team will thank you!

Task Specific

Why use an all-purpose solvent when you can use one specifically designed for tar and crude oil removal? Our on-staff chemists have perfected this formula for use in removing tar and crude oil.